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Programs & Workshops 2022-2023

For more information on when and where the meetings will be held, please see Meetings

    • In-person Meetings are held at Mountain View Methodist Church in Boulder, Colorado. 
    • Zoom Meetings - Members will receive a Zoom Meeting invite e-mail from the Guild on the Friday before the Day and Evening Guild meetings. 
      The invite will provide you with a link to view the HGB programs.
      The Zoom meeting will also be posted on the HGB website under Members/Announcements.

If you are not a member and would like to visit one of our meetings, please email for the day meeting and for the evening meeting.

Video recordings from past HGB Presentations are available on the HGB YouTube Channel

September Program - Susan Brooks

 Day Meeting September 12, 2022I Hear Your Voice - Art  Inspired by Listening  to  Marginalized Women from Prison to Lebanon
 Evening Meeting September 13, 2022The Healing Art of Hand Stitching
In-Person Meetings
Day Meeting Presentation: I Hear Your Voice:  Art Inspired By Listening To Marginalized Women

After almost 8 years volunteering in the women’s prison and currently going in as a visitor, Susan has learned to listen to the women, their stories and the longing in their hearts to be whole and healthy. Her art has been profoundly influenced by women she has met not only in prison, but women who have been trafficked, fighting cancer battles, in the struggle to realize their value, as well as refuges raising their families in hostile lands.

Evening Meeting Presentation: The Healing Art of Hand Stitch

Susan will take us on her journey of learning the art of hand stitch and how it led  to a deeper and more profound experience.  She will share her own vulnerable family history and  how  long periods of stitching made the  connection between the eyes, hands, head and heart ultimately leading to personal freedom.

Susan Brooks is a textile artist, writer and teacher who is highly sought after for her workshops.  Her work has been displayed in many places and her workshops are very popular.

Creating art using fabrics and papers provides the opportunity to build layers giving a sense of protection, safety and security.  I create my own fabrics through dyeing, botanical printing, resists and painting and then am able to add dimension and detail through the use of stitches. I have focused on the elements in plants to imprint the images of leaves and flowers to create another layer of delicate beauty and interest.

Differing techniques are used to express differing emotions.   Deconstructed silk printing is used for a very organic look. The use of painting thicken dyes on plastic has been used for my women monoprints. The morphing of the dyes give a feel of surrealism.   Botanical dyeing, plant based dyes and prints, introduce the beauty of nature into my work.  The love of the stitching, connecting threads, to hold the pieces together.

The tactile feel and visual beauty of fabric has been a motivation to creativity.  As a child, I was fascinated by the possibility of transforming a flat piece of cloth into a uniquely crafted article of clothing.  After a journey of making dolls, garments and quilts, I am now driven to experiment with new techniques in dyeing, painting and embellishing fabric.  I enjoy sharing my passion with others by teaching these techniques and broadening my own exploration in fabric art.  My aspiration is to tell a story, engage the viewer in a dialogue and challenge them to a deeper emotional experience.

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September Workshop - Susan Brooks

 Workshop September 17-18, 2022 Eco-Dying and Printing

Eco-dyeing and Printing 

Enjoy two days of learning and working with fellow fiber artists as Susan Brooks teaches the basic of transferring plant images onto paper, fabrics, and sketchbooks.

You will learn about:

    • the chemistry of eco-dyeing (what works and what doesn’t!)
    • pre and post mordants and dyes
    • pre-dyeing papers and using dye pots to transfer colors
    • using thickened dyes to transfer images from thermofax screens, stencils or stamps.  

Note: A third workshop day can be arranged with the class, directly with Susan at the workshop to turn your work into a Journal.

    • Dates: September 17-18, 2022  
    • Location: The workshop will take place at Susan’s studio in Louisville, CO 
    • Class size: limited to 10
    • Prerequisites/Experience: Beginner

Equipment/Materials Provided by Participants

    • A materials list will be supplied by email a month before the workshop to registered students. 

Materials provided by Instructor

    • Instructor will provide chemicals, mordants and all dyes included in the workshop fee.
Workshop fee: $140.00 for two days payable on registration. 

To register online, click here.

If you cannot register online, you can download the registration form here.  Mailed forms may take 2-4 weeks to process.

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October Program - Bobbi Irwin

 Day MeetingOctober 10, 2022Shimmering Colors: The Magic of Iridescence
 Evening Meeting October 11, 2022
Twined Rag Rugs

In-Person Meeting
Day Meeting Presentation: Shimmering Colors: The Magic of Iridescence

Fabrics that appear to change color as the light and angle of view change seem almost magical! You don’t need gossamer threads or just plain weave to create iridescence in handwoven fabrics. Learn a variety of color, thread, thread size, and structure options to achieve the effects. The amazing possibilities include analogous colors, multiple colors, layered fabrics, warp- or weft-faced fabrics, and even iridescence in black and white! This talk explores and illustrates many common beliefs, and why there are exceptions to all of them.

Evening Meeting Presentation: Twined Rag Rugs

This technique makes extremely durable and beautiful rugs using fabric for both warp and weft, requiring only common household materials and equipment. Hand-manipulated twining on a simple frame (or even without a frame) produces an astonishing variety of patterns not found in most other rag rugs, and which would be considerably more difficult to weave on a loom. Illustrated with examples from museum collections and embellished by stories of longtime rug twiners, this talk covers the worldwide history of this old folk craft. You, too, can join the twined rag rug revival!

Bobbie Irwin is a weaver, weaving teacher, speaker and published author. Bobbie's interests include weaving with iridescence, transparencies, rags,
overshot, space-dyed yarns and wrinkle-resistant materials 

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October Workshop 1 - Bobbie Irwin

 Workshop  October 8, 2022  Shimmering Iridescent Scarves
Shimmering Iridescent Scarves

Enjoy one day of learning and working with fellow fiber artists as Bobbi teaches the use of iridescence in weaving.  

You will learn about using open double weave on four or six shafts, you can weave scarves that glow throughout with four colors. This magical, color-shifting fabric might be the ultimate example of iridescence, incorporating both light reflection and light transmission through the layers! Your warp will be enough to weave two short cowl scarves, each weighing less than an ounce.  At the same time, you will be learning about factors that influence and enhance iridescence, for later reference. 

    • Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022, 10am-4pm
    • Location: The Studio at 7950 N. 81st. Niwot, CO 
    • Class size: Limited to 12
    • Prerequisites/Experience: Advanced beginner weaver (basic skills and familiarity with the equipment) to intermediate or beyond; no prior experience with double weave needed. 

Equipment/Materials Provided by Participants

    • 4- or 8-shaft loom (no rigid heddle looms), prewarped with two colors of 20/2 mercerized cotton, with a weaving width of at least nine inches
    • standard tools, including two shuttles, tapestry (blunt) needle, bobbin winder (can be shared)
    • two or more terrycloth towels to help stabilize the open-weave fabric. 
    • Yarn, color, and warping specifications will be provided in advance.

*Please note: HGB does rent a limited number of looms to HGB members.  Contact at least three weeks in advance of workshop to inquire on availability of equipment.

Workshop fee: $150 due on registration.  HGB provides workshops to members at cost as a membership benefit.

To register, click here: Shimmering Iridescent Scarves Workshop. If you cannot register online, you can download the registration form here. Mailed forms may take 2-4 weeks to process.

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October Workshop 2 - Bobbie Irwin

 Workshop  October 9, 2022  Twined Rag Rugs
Twined Rag Rugs

Suitable for adults and youth ages 9+

Enjoy a half day of learning and working with fellow fiber artists as Bobbi Irwin teaches twined rag rugs.  

You will help to revive a disappearing folk art as you make a hot-pad sampler on a small frame, using fabric for both warp and weft.

This sampler incorporates three pattern variations and gives you the expertise to make full-sized rugs. Twining makes extremely durable and beautiful rugs and requires only minimal equipment.

    • Date: Sunday, October 9, 2022, 1-5pm
    • Location: The Studio at 7950 N. 81st. ,Niwot, CO  
    • Class size: Limited to 12
    • Prerequisites/Experience: No twining or weaving experience is needed.  
    • Ages 9+ welcome.  
    • Suitable for all levels of weaving experience.

Equipment/Materials Provided by Participants

    • Weft fabrics, needles, thread, scissors, two safety pins, medium crochet hook, cutting mat & rotary cutter (can be shared).  
    • More details to be provided by the instructor prior to the workshop.

Materials cost payable to instructor

    • $10 for the frame (to keep) and warp fabric - cash or check on the day of the workshop
Workshop Fee: $75 due on registration.  

To register, click here: Twined Rag Rugs Workshop. If you cannot register online, you can download the registration form here. Mailed forms may take 2-4 weeks to process.

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November Program - Boisali Biswas

 Day Meeting  November 14, 2022
Zoom - My Journey as a Fiber Artist
 Evening Meeting  November 15, 2022

Zoom - Materials and Techniques


Day Presentation: My Journey as a Fiber Artist

Boisali will describe her journey from an eclectic school in India where nature and every form of art was entwined in the way of life. That experience had a significant impact on her life and art. She has experimented with various techniques within the fiber medium combining her love of weaving and surface designing with fabrics. She will describe and present her different genres of mixed media fibers through the years and share examples of her work and exhibitions.

Evening Presentation: Materials and Techniques

Boisali loves to upcycle throwaway objects and give them a new life. She rarely goes out to buy materials unless she absolutely needs something and tries to conceive her work based on what is available in her studio. She will describe how she chooses materials and explain her techniques. She will show us her mixed media and functional weaving including wearables that she has created. She will highlight her process from choosing materials to the gorgeous, finished work.

Boisali Biswas is a studio artist working in mixed-media fibers, born and brought up in India. Her formative undergraduate years were spent at Visva-Bharati University, founded by Rabindranath Tagore at Shantiniketan. The essence of that profound experience has stayed with her throughout her educational journey and continues to influence her work. She completed her MFA at Bowling Green State University. Living in this country for over 30 years and adapting to Western styles and inspirations in concert with her background, has made her art into a cauldron of multicultural assemblages that are unique and a feast for the eyes.

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December - Holiday Celebration Buffet and Ornament Exchange

 Day Meeting

 December 12, 2022Holiday Celebration Buffet and Ornament Exchange - 9:00 am Set-Up
 Evening Meeting  December 13, 2022
Holiday Celebration Buffet and Ornament Exchange - 6:00 pm Set-Up

In-Person Meeting

The celebration starts with food -- of course!

    • Bring-A-Dish Buffet - All are invited to contribute a ready to serve and easily shared food item to the buffet - along with any utensils required for serving
    • Tote along your own dinnerware, utensils and napkins to reduce waste
Day and Evening Programs
Jan McAtee - Estate Planning for Crafters

HGB Board Member and retired attorney Jane McAtee will share a brief presentation on best practices for making sure your tools and stash do not end up at Goodwill, or worse in the dumpster.

Ornament Exchange - A White Elephant Tradition
The HGB holiday white elephant is a handmade fiber art related ornament exchange, each participant brings one wrapped handmade fiber related ornament to the Holiday Celebration.

The ornament exchange is a long-standing tradition leading to many laughs and a few quick steals! Come join in the fun -- or watch the commotion! The choice is yours! 

Ornament Exchange - A White Elephant Tradition
    • The HGB holiday white elephant is a handmade fiber art related ornament exchange, each participant brings one wrapped handmade fiber related ornament to the Holiday Celebration.
    • Once everyone is assembled, each person will draw a number. The person with number "1" chooses an ornament to unwrap. The person with number "2" has a choice: They may choose a new, wrapped ornament, or they may take the unwrapped ornament from the first person. If they take the ornament from the first person, that person chooses another ornament to unwrap. The person with the number "3" may choose any previously unwrapped ornament or a new, still wrapped ornament. The game continues until all ornaments have been unwrapped and everyone has a gift.
    • The handmade fiber related ornament may be created by the member or acquired by other means.

The ornament exchange is a long-standing tradition leading to many laughs and a few quick steals! Come join in the fun -- or watch the commotion! The choice is yours! 

Do I need to participate in the Ornament Exchange? 
    • The Ornament Exchange is optional.  
    • You may participate in both Day & Evening Ornament Exchanges, one or neither.  
    • If you don't want to participate in the Ornament Exchange, come for the Buffet, Library (Day Meeting only), Social and Meeting time!
I'm new to the Guild.  Can I still come to the December meeting holiday celebration? 
    • Yes! Even if you just joined this month, the December meetings are for all members and you are very welcome.  
    • Don't know who to sit with for the Holiday Celebration Buffet? Look for the Guild President's table or join any table and introduce yourself (psst, we all have a love of fiber in common!).
What should I bring? 
    • A food item to share (both Holiday Celebration Buffets will be the first thing we do together - so bring hot items already heated), a serving utensil if your food needs it
    •  Tableware for yourself (plate, fork, cup, napkin, etc. - we're going green)
    • A handmade ornament (made by you or someone else) if you'd like to participate in the Ornament Exchange.

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January Program - Robbie LaFleur

Day Meeting January 16, 2023
Zoom - From Virgins to Spaceships - A Visual Voyage through Norwegian Tapestry
Evening Meeting
January 17, 2023
Zoom - Frida Hansen - A Norwegian Art Nouveau Artist in Wool

Day Presentation: From Virgins to Spaceships - A Visual Voyage through Norwegian Tapestry
Evening Presentation: Frida Hansen - A Norwegian Art Nouveau Artist in Wool

Robbie LaFleur, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been following a thread of Scandinavian textiles since she studied weaving at Valdres Husflidsskole in Fagernes, Norway in 1977. She continued her study with Scandinavian instructors at workshops in Norway and the U.S.

She was awarded the Gold Medal in Weaving from the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in 2006. She was a fellow with the Scandinavian American Foundation in 2019, and traveled to Stavanger, Norway, to study the wool transparency technique of famed artist Frida Hansen.

She recently completed a commission through a grant from the Nordic American Churches Preservation Project. Four tapestries for the Valley Grove Preservation Society in historical billedvev (Norwegian tapestry style) celebrate two historical churches in southern Minnesota.

Robbie coordinates the Weavers Guild of Minnesota Scandinavian Weavers Study Group and is the editor and publisher of the quarterly Norwegian Textile Letter.

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February - Day Program - Laura Nelkin 

Day Meeting
February 13, 2023

Zoom - Laura Nelkin - Meet the Maker

Evening Meeting
February 14, 2023

Zoom - Denise Perreault- Tools & Techniques for Creating Two and Three Dimensional Beaded Fabric

WorkshopFebruary 15, 2023Zoom - Knitting with Beads Made Easy - Beading 101

Day Presentation: Meet the Maker

Laura Nelkin will take us on the journey of her career, from weaver to fashion designer to knitter and teacher… along the way she will highlight her knitting with an emphasis for her penchant for knitting with beads.  

Laura Nelkin is a prolific and innovative knitwear designer and pattern maker. She is known for her complex but accessible designs that challenge knitters to think about their stitches in a new way.

Taking inspiration from her home in the gorges Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, Laura loves incorporating elements into her designs that reference the landscape around her.  She is an expert on knitting with beads and has taught many how to use beads in their knitting.

February Workshop - Laura Nelkin

 Workshop  February 15, 2023 Zoom - Knitting with Beads Made Easy - Beading 101
Knitting with Beads Made Easy - Beading 101

Want to add beads to your knitting, but not sure where to start? Then this is the class for you!

Join knitwear designer Laura Nelkin as she walks you through the basics of knitting with beads and introduces you to the joy of adding bling to your knitting.

Along the way, we’ll learn multiple techniques for working with both placed and pre-strung beads. She is an expert on knitting with beads and has taught many how to use beads in their knitting.

    • Date: February 15, 2023
    • Location: Zoom
    • Class size: 25

Equipment/Materials Provided by Participants

    • Approx. 40 yards fingering weight yarn
    • US Size 3 (3.25 mm) needles
    • Approx 5-10 grams size 6/0 beads
    • Dental Floss Threader (for stringing beads)
    • 0.8mm-1mm crochet hook, beadle needle, or super floss

Materials Fee: None

Workshop Fee: $25.00

To register online - Click here

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February - Evening Program - Denise Perreault 

 Workshop  February 14, 2023 Zoom - Tools & Techniques for Creating Two and Three Dimensional Beaded Fabric
Evening Presentation: Tools & Techniques for Creating Two and Three Dimensional Beaded Fabric

Beadwork Magazine once said that 97% of beaders create only jewelry and wearable accessories. But beading also lends itself to exciting possibilities beyond accessories, where translucent window panels, vessels, and sculptural elements can be created using just beads, beading needle, and thread. Beading becomes boundless once you realize that almost anything can be used as an armature to create sculptural beadwork using a few key stitches.

Denise will share images of her dimensional beadwork along with those of other artists she admires. Tips and tricks she's learned in her 25 years creating large-scale beaded window valances, as well as the best materials, tools, and bead stitches for sculptural beadwork will also be covered. An overview of glass seed beads will be included, as these offer the greatest variety of sizes, colors, and finishes for dimensional beadwork. Members are invited to bring beaded work to the Show & Tell portion of the presentation.

Denise Perreault's 40+ year textile art career encompasses weaving for interior design, and many types of decorative and functional beadwork, often using reclaimed materials.  She is the sole proprietor of Denise Perreault Beaded Art and Restoration, where she's restored beaded bags, clothing, and collectible artifacts for the public since 1998.

Denise founded Boulder's Art Parts Creative Reuse Center in 2011, and retired as their Executive Director in 2020. Denise will serve as the 2023-2024 HGB Board President.

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March Program - Maria Elena Buszek, Ph.D. 

Day Meeting March 13, 2023
Extra/Ordinary Craft and Contemporary Art -  Behind the Scenes
Evening Meeting March 14, 2023
Craft in the Community 

Day Presentation: Extra/Ordinary Craft and Contemporary Art -  Behind the Scenes

Maria Elana Buszek will take us behind the scenes of her book Extra/Ordinary and how it came to be and why it is such an important topic. 

The book's contributors are described as “artists, critics, curators, and scholars [who] develop theories of craft in relation to art, chronicle how fine-art institutions understand and exhibit craft media, and offer accounts of activist crafting, or craftivism.

Some contributors describe generational and institutional changes under way, while others signal new directions for scholarship, considering craft in relation to queer theory, masculinity, and science.

Encompassing quilts, ceramics, letterpress books, wallpaper, and textiles, and moving from well-known museums to home workshops and political protests, Extra/Ordinary is an eclectic introduction to the “craft culture” referenced and celebrated by artists promoting new ways of thinking about the role of craft in contemporary art.

Evening Presentation: Craft in the Community

Craftivism is a term attributed to Betsy Greer and throughout history craft has been used as activism.  The last third of Extra/Ordinary is devoted to this topic.  Professor Buszek will talk about the history of craft in the community and the special projects she has seen.  

Maria Elena Buszek, Ph.D. is a scholar, critic, curator, and Professor of Art History at the University of Colorado Denver, where she teaches courses on modern and contemporary art.

Her recent publications include the books Pin-Up Grrrls: Feminism, Sexuality, Popular Culture and Extra/ordinary: Craft and contemporary art; contributions to the anthologies Punkademics: The Basement Show in the Ivory Tower and Design History Beyond the Canon; catalogue essays for numerous international exhibitions; and articles and criticism in such journals as Art in America, Art Journal, Flash Art, and TDR: The Journal of Performance Studies. With Hilary Robinson, she edited the 2019 anthology of new writing, A Companion to Feminist Art. She has also been a regular contributor to the popular feminist magazine BUST since 1999. Her current book project, Art of Noise, explores the ties between contemporary feminist art and popular music.

Dr. Buszek is also a prolific independent curator, who has previously worked at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Recent exhibitions include Danger Came Smiling: Feminist Art and Popular Music at the Franklin Street Works, Inner Ear Vision: Sound as Medium (with Raven Chacon and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe) at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, and Sensitive Content (with Alayo Akinkugbe and Helen Beard) at Unit London.

In 2022, Dr. Buszek was inducted into the fellowship of the University of Colorado’s President’s Teaching Scholars. The President’s Teaching Scholars Program honors faculty from the university’s four campuses who “embody teaching, scholarship, creative work and research with excellence in all.

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April Program - Jill Powers 

Day Meeting April 10, 2023
Bark Fiber:  An Eco-Art Story
Evening Meeting April 11, 2023
Bark Fiber Process
Workshop April 15, 2023An Introduction to Bark Fiber

Day Presentation: Bark Fiber:  An Eco-Art Story

Jill Powers creates art with bark fiber and many natural processes.  Jill’s art revolves around the aesthetics and science of ecosystems.  She has created art in response to ecological changes, finding ways to explore ocean and forest ecologies, drought, flood, insects, and geologic changes. Jill gets involved in her subjects in a deep way, exploring her subjects through curiosity and artist research, inspired by learning about the latest science and discoveries. Through her unusual art, she draws people into the stories through the beauty and intrigue of her materials and approaches, and follows up with fun and engaging public programs to extend the impact of the work. Jill’s latest work is about mycelium and mushrooms! In her slide  talk, she will take us on the journey of her work, and bring some samples to show.

Evening Presentation: Bark Fiber Process

Jill will introduce bark fiber and show samples of her work and how it relates to bark cloth from around the world. Jill will show the results of her innovative techniques. She will speak about the qualities of the interaction of water and bark fiber, and demonstrate what happens when bark fiber becomes malleable and fluid. 

Jill Powers is a contemporary fiber and environmental installation artist living in Boulder, CO. She works with many natural materials and processes, especially bark fiber. Jill focuses on ecological changes and finds inspiration in creating art around the latest scientific discoveries. Jill has shown her work in major galleries in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia,and Boston, as well as being invited several times to show at the International Fiber Biennial. She has taught in many places, including Naropa University Visual Arts, the Honolulu Museum of Art, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, and the Museo De Las Americas.

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April Workshop - Jill Powers 

 Workshop  April 15, 2023An Introduction to Bark Fiber
An Introduction to Bark Fiber

Innovative Techniques for textured surface designers, weavers, stitchers, fiber collage artists, papermakers, + basketry artists

Learn about the unique history of bark fiber, how to cook, prepare, and create with it. After learning the basics, participants will choose between making one or two of the following: Long, straight or wavy linear elements for textural weft material or basketry pieces 

Shaped patches (sturdy or gossamer) to be added to silk panels, wall quilts, or surface design projects (only projects that will not be need to be wet or further washed!)

Shaped Substrates for stitching into later (hand embroidery, or sewing machine)
Elements to be used in fiber collage, papermaking

The class includes learning how to use liquid pigments and natural dyes on bark fiber for adding hand painted color while the work is wet.
You will take your work home to dry (on a provided board).
All materials included, except for a short list of household items to bring along.

A follow up extra day could be arranged for interested participants to explore 3D casting techniques with bark fiber.

Click here to register

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May Program - Beth Marx

Day Meeting
May 8, 2023
My Felting Journey - Creativity, Community, Connections
Evening Meeting
May 9, 2023
Having a Bowl with Beth
WorkshopMay 5, 2023The Textured Handbag
WorkshopMay 6-7, 2023Felted Pull Over Top or Poncho

Day Presentation: My Felting Journey - Creativity, Community, Connections

Beth will  talk about her felting, how she  became a felter, what she  enjoy making and why, how to style her  garments, where she  gets her  inspiration accompanied by a slide show and a trunk show of her garments and accessories

Evening Presentation: Having a Bowl with Beth

For 25 pre-registered HGB members, and many observers, Beth will teach us how to make a shallow bowl without using a resist. Participants will need to bring their own wool roving. Beth will also have her trunk show available and will present and ask questions.  Details

Beth Marx has been a felt maker for over 15 years and is still fascinated with the process. Beth can’t remember when art was not part of her life. From the little girl who played art school in the basement of her Ohio childhood home to majoring in art at The Ohio State University, Beth has had her hand in many art mediums but has always had a real affinity for textiles. With an eclectic sense of style and keen eye, she fulfills her passion by creating wet felted garments and accessories in the studio behind her 1920’s bungalow that she has affectionately named Studio 907, the same number as her street address in Long Beach, California.

Beth is internationally known for designing and creating her own style of fashionable and sophisticated felted garments & accessories. She teaches extensively and has created a method to demystify the necessary shrinkage calculations. Her garments are sold in high-end boutiques and galleries in upscale locales, have walked runways, been published in books and magazines, and worn by a major theme park character.

Beth creates organically in an intuitive process letting the piece evolve in a collage style by infusing wool roving with the likes of hand dyed & hand-painted silks. There is no sewing involved and her seamless garments are strictly held together by the affinity of the wool fibers as they migrate through the fabric and entangle creating incredible textures. Her style exudes a worn patina and an earthiness rich with layers, textures, shapes and colors. For Beth, felting is a creative, challenging, tactile process rich with fascination and excitement in the resulting alchemy. Her pieces are one of a kind, made one at a time.

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May Workshop 1 - Beth Marx 

 Workshop  May 5, 2023 The Textured Handbag
The Textured Handbag

This textured cross body bag is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit or gift it to your favorite friend or relative. Once you learn this technique, you’ll want to make more and more of these gems. Beth will guide you step by step through the wet felting process as you create your very own unique cross body handbag.

In this one- day workshop you will learn:

  • How to work with a closed resist to make seamless felt
  • How to make an inside pocket in a purse
  • How to layout multiple layers of wool so as not to create edge thickness
  • How to create interesting textures
  • How to attach grommets, magnetic snaps and a leather cord
  • Skill level: Advanced beginner/intermediate. 
  • Students should be familiar with how to lay out wool roving for wet felting.

Click here to register

May Workshop 2 - Beth Marx 

 Workshop  May 6-7, 2023 Felted Pull Over Top or Poncho
Felted Pull Over Top or Poncho

Take your felting to the next level in this intensive but fun two-day garment workshop. If you've ever wanted to learn to make a seamless felted garment using a resist, make your own patterns, de-mystify shrinkage calculations and learn how to use Beth's "Easy Peasy Shrinkage Calculation Sheet", then this workshop is for you.

Learn Beth's method for pattern making which doesn't involve taking any body measurements or using complicated math.

After you have created a sized-up pattern to allow for shrinkage, Beth will teach you how to make a beautiful, stylish and wearable felted garment including how to professionally finish the open areas like the armholes and the hemline and how to shape and size your garment for a flatteringly fit.

  • Skill level: This is an intermediate felting workshop.
  • Students should be familiar with how to lay out wool roving for wet felting.

Click here to register

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Past Programs

Past programs can be found on the Programs Archive page.

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